Coronavirus Update from Viaduct Care

In the last 10 days the Government have guided us through a national response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the changes have been frequent and the impact significant

We have seen rapid progression from social isolation to social distancing to shielding and from last night a nationwide closure of all non-essential businesses and imposed restrictions on daily life.

As an organisation we have followed with a reduction in non-clinical activity, remote consultations, remote working from home to support social distancing where appropriate, review of non-essential clinical activity.  And NOW our focus is on supporting people with COVID-19.

We recognise how difficult these changes have been for everyone both physically and emotionally and how people’s lives and coping strategies have been taken away bit by bit in an attempt to control the spread of infection.

As an organisation and as a team we are working hard to get behind our own colleagues, our front line clinicians, our operations management team and our GP Practices, all in the pursuit of supporting patients and the preservation of life.

Never before in the history of the NHS, or our lifetimes, have we as a Nation found ourselves in such circumstances.

Here at Viaduct Care we are doing whatever we can to ensure that we can still support our patients, mostly remotely using video technology to carry out appointments and consultations where possible.

We will keep you informed as to the changes in our services once things change across the health system and we are able to begin our face to face appointments again.

If you have any questions about what services are still operating or how to access them please email us here >>

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