A Spotlight On – John Wigley

Name: John Wigley

Position: Senior self-care coordinator.

What do you do at Viaduct Care? I work one to one with patients supporting them to improve their wellbeing, engage with the wider community and access services that will ultimately build resilience and enhance self-efficacy. I also support the Viaduct teams with sessions on relaxation and mindfulness alongside motivational emails each Monday

What relevant experience did you have before taking up this role? I have been a hypnotherapist, a CBT practitioner, a community development worker and am a qualified health coach and health coaching trainer.

What is your favourite Film or TV show? It’s has to be the taut brilliance of the Spencer Tracy movie ‘Bad Day at Black Rock’. A film that contains one of my favourite lines, ‘you’re not only wrong, you’re wrong at the top of your voice’

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have? I wasn’t a naughty child at all but I always dreamed of being able to stop time, so I could freeze people, tie their shoes together then restart time and watch them fall over.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to walk, climb hills and cook. I also like to build things out of wood…and to build cakes out of delicious things.

You have been asked to choose a country to spend six months in. Where would it be?  The USA, specifically New York for the culture and excitement.

Do you have any funny jokes or quotes you can share with us? I once had a job drilling holes for water – it was well boring.

What book would you recommend for having a positive impact on your life? A History of the World in 10 and a Half Chapters by Julian Barnes. It’s a beautifully written collection of linked stories that leads to a conclusion which is breathtakingly surprising and yet blindingly obvious if you reflect on the book as a whole. The half chapter is a meditation on love and if you’re not crying like a broken Tiny Tears after reading it, you might be made of stone.

What musician would you most like to meet and why? Miles Davis without a second thought. He reinvented jazz at least 4 times in his lifetime and continues to be a huge influence on musicians the world over (Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly is pretty much a Miles’ album)

What is your closest brush with fame? I was a contestant on The Chase on ITV and was given a dressing room next to Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon). It was odd to see the ‘stare at his shoes and mumble’ shy man walk into the room and half an hour later watch a loud peroxide berk come out.

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