A Spotlight On: Paul Maddock

Name:  Paul Maddock

Position: Paramedic Practitioner

What do you do at Viaduct Care? All kinds! I work with the acute home visiting service, completing home visits, assisting GP’s and generally helping out with anything that needs doing.  I am also part of the frailty pilot working with older frail people and trying to help them manage their own health, and stay independent in the communities they live in.

What relevant experience did you have before taking up this role?  After 23 years working on the big green fun bus in Liverpool,  I was part of a couple of pilot schemes in St Helen’s assisting older people who had fallen but could stay in the community instead of being admitted to hospital.

What is your favourite Film or TV show?  My favourite TV show is anything with Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) in, everything he does makes me laugh.

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?  I’d like to be able to read minds, that would cause a few raised eyebrows on the fifth floor!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Liverpool Football Club, golf and chauffeuring my son round.

You have been asked to choose a country to spend six months in. Where would it be?   Cuba, I had a holiday there about 3 years ago and it is amazing!

Do you have any funny jokes or quotes you can share with us?  A psychic dwarf escaped from prison, and the police issued an all-points bulletin for a small medium at large!!!

What book would you recommend for having a positive impact on your life?  The Ross and Wilson Paramedic Manual.  It was the first book I bought when I became a paramedic, and although it has been revised about 50 times, it’s still used to train basic paramedic skills

What musician would you most like to meet and why?  Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd.  I love seeing live bands and my one regret is not seeing Pink Floyd before they split up.

What is your closest brush with fame? I once played Gary Christian (the lead singer from 80s band The Christians) at pool in a pub in Liverpool and beat him!

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