Health & Wellbeing Group

As a health service, health and wellbeing applies as much to those working within Viaduct Care as it does to our local population.

Viaduct Care is fully committed to the health and positive wellbeing of its employees and wants to do as much as it can to enable staff to be at their best, energised, healthy and motivated.

To drive this agenda, a Staff Engagement /Health and Wellbeing Group is to be formed, with its primary aim being to increase the health, wellbeing and engagement of all our employees. The purpose of our group will be to deliver a collaborative approach to the development and implementation of wellbeing and engagement actions, ensuring staff are at the heart of decision making.

The group will meet 6 weekly and will complement our existing Operational Oversight Sub-Group.

It will be important for the group to incorporate a wide membership from across all services to ensure all colleagues are represented and we’re all working together to develop and implement a meaningful programme of work.

Next Steps

  • We are looking for colleague representatives (including a deputy) from each service within Viaduct Care – if you’re interested, please liaise with your line manager in the first instance and register your interest at t by Friday 11th October 2019 on behalf of your service
  • To launch our group, a workshop event will be taking place on Wednesday 6th November 2019 (10.30am – 12.30) at Kingsgate House. This will provide representatives the opportunity to come along and understand the purpose of the group and their role and contribution towards our vision in more detail.

If you have any queries in relation to this, please contact:

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