Stockport Integrated Pharmacy Service (SIPS)

Stockport Integrated Pharmacy Service (SIPS) is made up of a team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, supported by Medicines Co-ordinators.

Our workforce is based across GP Practices in Stockport to collaborate with them in providing patient-centred care by reviewing and optimising medication, monitoring medicines, supporting care homes to make best use of medicines  and ensuring safe & effective repeat prescribing.

The benefits of the Integrated Pharmacy Team are:

  • Create more time for GPs to support complex patients.
  • Improved safety and drug monitoring.
  • Increased satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.
  • Support with transfer of care and its impact on medication.
  • Ensuring safe and efficient use of medication across Primary Care.

Our Services

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Stockport Integrated Pharmacy Service (SIPS)

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