Vision & Values

Looking forward we know our population is ageing, living longer with long term complex medical conditions and there continues be a large gap in life expectancy between affluent and deprived areas of the borough which from profiles demonstrates polarisations in health inequalities.

Urgent care performance remains below the national average and financial position of all partners remains challenged at a time of increased demand. Our aim is to therefore provide better care, delivered in a more integrated and responsive way.

Our Vision

“To be a pioneering leader in Primary Care, providing collaborative, high quality, health and well-being services for the communities we serve.”


Our Values

Collaboration: We believe in strong collaboration that supports an ethos of creativity and innovation in order to deliver efficient, effective and safe services.

Ambition: We continue to aspire to be better in all that we do and to be the provider of choice in health and wellbeing services.

Respect: Through great leadership we want to ensure that our patients, staff and partners are proud of what we do and regard us in high esteem.

Excellence: In order to achieve our vision, we will continually strive for excellence in all areas of our organisation.